And why it still attracts so many players

You may have heard that trading is a zero-sum game. That means, in the simplest scenario, every trading win has a complementary trading loss, equal in value. Adding the two together results in zero.

Let’s take a simple example

You buy 100 shares of some company for $30 a share. You pay $3,000 and get 100 shares in your portfolio. Let’s say your neighbor sold you those shares.

What happens when personal responsibility is ignored

Cartoon by P. Venkat Raman

About three decades ago, I was walking the corridors at my work and saw a short yet poignant story pinned to the outside of some cubicle. I never forgot about it.

​Whose Job is it Anyway?

This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody.

Story of survival with self-quarantine and driveway camping

Image by Holger Grybsch from Pixabay

“I don’t have a coverall to go into the crawl space,” said the technician.

You can (and should) build wealth using the same idea

Image by P. Venkat Raman, adapted from image by Rafael Javier from Pixabay

There once was a king in India who was fond of chess.

And when does it fail?

Image by P. Venkat Raman

The Rule of 72 is a guideline to estimate how long an investment that earns compound interest takes to double. This guideline helps you plan your investment mix in several ways. Much has been written on this topic, right here in Making of a Millionaire, and elsewhere on Medium. And, of course, on the web.

But I may have triggered a pandemic

Image by P. Venkat Raman

Last month was special.

The Dream

My wife’s major dream was to visit Australia for our 25th anniversary. Didn’t happen. Life happens, and it didn’t…

A better way to say “I Love You”

Photo by Ashwini Chaudhary on Unsplash

I was sitting in a chair, upright. My surrounding was unremarkable. Just a basement with its usual dim lighting. I wasn’t paying attention to it anyway.

P. Venkat Raman

Writing to make a difference in the lives of fellow humans. Visit for more of his creations.

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