Day 1: Birth of an Idea

My path to $1,000 in Gumroad sales from scratch

P. Venkat Raman
3 min readAug 29, 2022


Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

You may laugh. Seriously.

Yes, my target, for now, is $1K in sales on Gumroad. And I don’t have anything saleable yet!

How can I be so naive or brash that this is achievable? Because many have done a variation on the theme before, and I ask myself, Why not ME?

How did I get to this point? That’s an interesting story.

I was actually trying to research Patreon for a client project. In trying to understand its offering better, I went into some comparisons between Patreon and Gumroad.

Next thing I knew I was researching Gumroad for my own projects. But that didn’t get me here either.

I think it’s Serendipity.

How else can you explain the chance that I would notice the article by Victoria Kurichenko on exactly that topic: making the first $1K (actually $1200+ for her) on Gumroad?

Maybe it was the red car effect. In fact, I am sure it was.

When you buy a red car, suddenly you see the world full of red cars. All those cars were there all the time, but you never saw them. (This actually happened to me when we bought our Volvo 240!)

Likewise, my eyes must have been open to see the article, but I still feel seeing it the day after my interest in Gumroad perked up is a bit of Serendipity.

I have a longer road ahead of me than most as I am starting from scratch. But I am motivated to make it happen. Here’s my plan:

  • I’ll make this a daily account of what I have been doing each day to accomplish my goal of earning a total of $1,000 on Gumroad. Well, at least I’ll try to make it daily. We’ll see how that goes.
  • This series of reality blog posts will be totally me-centric; in other words, this is all about what I did or what I plan to do to achieve my own goal. But I have a feeling there will be several lessons that will come out of my pain and suffering and occasional joy that will benefit you if you are thinking of a similar journey of your own.
  • I am sure everything I try will be inspired by someone else…



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