Days 15–21: Holy Grail of book-writing … the SFD!

I claim success, thanks to Anne Lamott

P. Venkat Raman
2 min readSep 19, 2022


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This is a post in the series that started here.

If you have been following my journey, you’d know that last week I gave myself a seemingly low bar to surmount by today:

  • Create my Gumroad storefront, and
  • Complete the first draft of my book that will be listed on my Gumroad store.

I am happy to claim success with both of those.

Setting up a Gumroad account was easy; it took just a few minutes. I didn’t just do the initial keystrokes to create a skeleton account. I even have the conduit set up for cash flow from your wallet to my bank account!

I just need the piece that will entice you to start that flow.

That brings us to the second part, the first product to list on Gumroad; my book.

I do have the first draft done. So to speak. At this stage, it’s more like a collection of thoughts, loosely woven through.

Why am I calling this a success? That’s where Anne Lamott comes in.

If you are familiar with her classic, Bird by Bird, you are probably familiar with her tolerance — almost a…



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